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Oleg Sytnik, Producer: We hope that the story of the life of St. Luke's will be interesting to a large number of spectators. Awaken interest in the man himself, his ideas and approach to life. After all, each of us has our own ideas of good and evil, truth and justice - so to speak its own code of honor, its own charter. And the art, in this case, the movie should not teach and create examples, but it must first of all help us to make sense to move on. Maybe someone will be directed by this story, and now only this fact is worth the risk.

Alexander Parkhomenko, Director: The main message that I want to bring  by this film - it is something that we must not retreat from the world and its problems, but to live in it and to help people. As in the quatation from the song  "Teach us to see you behind any problem"

Andrew Saminin, actor: I'm very interested in the image of St. Luke as a living person, almost our contemporary. After all, the saints are not born, faith comes through suffering. This the hard way against historic scrapped enables not only to draw the important features of this unique man, and make him a closer and more understandable to modern audiences.

Ekaterina Gusieva, actress: Anna Lanskaia was not just the wife of Voyno-Yasenetsky, who delievered him four children. She became the main woman and the love of  all his life. The tragic fate.

Vitalij Bezrukov, actor: The life story of St. Luke is simply created in order to be screened. The scenario of events and truthfulness touched me even twice more  I even look like  Luka at the second half of his life. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this man who has chosen the path of a priest in the most dashing years. Now such a statement is very timely.

The film received the blessing of Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine, His Beatitude Vladimir, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymus II.


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