The film "Luka" is the dramatic fate of the greatest surgeon and a priest — V. Voyno-Yasenetskyj (Luka).

Year 1917. Young doctor Valentin Voyno-Yasenetskyj with his wife and four children moved to Tashkent, beset by civil war and intervention. Voyno-Yasenetskyj became head physician in the city hospital. He not only saves hundreds of patients every day, operating under the bullets of the permanent street battles, fighting for his life and life of his beloved wife, dying of TB. In the midst of persecution, he as alone with four children on the outskirts of the former empire, so he decides to become a priest. And since then, he never altered neither scalpel, nor cross, he goes with them through all their hard exiles and arduous life, treating both: body and soul.

- Tell me, please, a priest and a Professor Yasenetskyj-Vojno how can you pray at night and during the day time you cutpeople? Father Valentyn said: - I cut people to save them, and in the name of what you cut people, a citizen public prosecutor? The next question is: - How do you believe in God, the priest and professor Yasenetskyj-Vojno? Have you seen him, your God? -I did not really see God, citizen public prosecutor. But I have a lot of operations on brain and during that operations I have never seen there mind as well. And conscience was not there either.